At Stable Hire we offer a wide range of cutting and grinding equipment from the small 110volt 4.5inch grinder right up to the 18inch diesel floor saws

All our electrical equipment comes in 110volt form

All cutting & grinding discs and blades are available as sale items from all our plant hire depots

We also sell all forms of safety equipment for use with any of these machines

Angle Grinders

At Stable Hire we supply all sizes of Angle Grinder from the smaller 4.5inch Grinder up to the 9inch Grinder

Angle Grinders are ideal for grinding or cutting either masonry or metal work of all different shapes and sizes

All our Grinders are available in 110volt & come supplied with a spanner

We stock every size of grinding or cutting disc you need for your project

We also carry diamond blades to fit all our Grinders if you prefer to use diamond for your masonry work

Sabre Saw

The 110volt electric Sabre Saw is a very diverse hand held saw

Using a series of different toothed blades this small machine can cut through almost any metal, wood or plastic product

And is ideal for completing small projects without creating a big mess or making much noise

Disk Cutters & Cut-off Saws

At Stable Hire we also supply a range of electric and petrol cut off saws

Properly one of the most popular items we hire out at Stable Hire is the 12inch 2 Stroke Petrol Disk Cutter

This machine is very durable, compact and used by every trade within the construction industries

The particular model we hire out is the popular Stihl TS400 & TS410

These powerful machines are ideal cutting high volumes of metal or stone work quickly and efficiently

We also supply a 110volt electric equivalent for working in indoor spaces or areas were petrol running equipment cannot be used

We also supply a range of Cut-off Saws that can be used for cutting different materials quickly and accurately

We supply different models which can cut wood, metal or brick work

Masonry Table Saws

At Stable Hire we supply both petrol and electric table saws

These machines are ideal for making precise cuts in all forms of masonry products

The petrol model comes fitted with an 18inch stone cutting diamond

While the slightly smaller & more mobile 110volt electric model comes with a 14inch diamond blade fitted

The electric versions also have detachable legs which makes it great for easy storage and portability

Floor Saws

At Stable Hire we also hire out concrete and tarmac cutting Floor Saws

These machines are perfect for cutting out areas of tarmac and concrete

And are very popular with utility companies as well as floor specialists

Both sizes of Floor Saw are available with either Concrete or Tarmac cutting diamond blades

All types of blades can hired with a Floor Saw and charged for how much diamond has been used

Or can purchased new the choice is yours

The smaller is petrol driven and carries an 14inch diamond blade

This lighter more mobile model is ideal for multi-site projects and easily be lifted into the back of a van or pick-up truck

The larger 18inch bladed model is available with either petrol or electric start diesel engines

With a maximum 6inch cutting depth these machines are ideal for cutting deep into material and without much time loss