Cleaning Equipment

At Stable Hire we supply all kinds of cleaning equipment from Triple Motor Vacuum Cleaners to high powered Water Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

The Vacuum Cleaner we supply is a 110volt Triple Motor Vacuum Cleaner

This Vac is ideal for work on any commercial or industrial environment

It also can be connected up to tools and used as a dust suppression unit

We also hire out a Carpet/Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum is the perfect device for shampoo vacuuming any carpet or upholstered surface like Sofa’s or Chair’s

Pressure Washers

We offer both cold wash and hot wash diesel fuelled pressure washers

The cold water wash has an output of 3000psi and is ideal for cleaning all kinds of unwanted material off any surface like driveways, patios and vehicles

This pressure washer can be connected directly to a hose pipe or can be fed from a water butt

The hot water steam cleaning pressure washer we offer is electrically powered and diesel fuelled and creates real steam

This machine has an output of 2800psi & like the cold wash pressure washer can be feed from a water butt or direct from a hose pipe